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Custom B2B solutions

Concrete results for your B2B business.

IronPlane has delivered fully customized online solutions for B2B, hybrid, and B2C businesses in a variety of industries.

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We stay away from trendy technology and focus on technology that works. For each of our clients, this means digging deep into business needs, goals, and future vision to design and build a digital solution that will stand the test of time, while delivering  a concrete return on investment.

As Adobe and BigCommerce partners, we specialize in finding the best platform for each unique B2B business we work with.

B2B Commerce Platform Consultations

While we specialize in designing and developing on specific platforms, our free consulting offering is not platform specific. Our primary goal in these sessions is to talk about your experience in the world of B2B commerce and provide any advice we can. If you happen to be interested in our services, great! If not, we will aim to provide references to other platforms we think could work for your business or even to other agencies we respect.

Magento Services

We offer a wide range of services for both Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce websites. Here are a few of our specializations:

  • B2B sales enablement including quoting, quick order tools, client portals, content personalization, and more
  • Product configurators for complex product variants
  • UX/UI design for optimizing user experience and conversion rates
  • Systems integrations between various platforms including legacy systems requiring custom integration
  • Internationalization and localization for multi-language, multi-currency, and international shipping
  • Multi-site implementation for various scenarios including international sites, partner sites, or client sites
  • Custom frontend and backend functionality development

BigCommerce Services

BigCommerce lives in an eCommerce sweet-spot between the famously easy to use Shopify platform and the enterprise-ready Magento and Adobe Commerce platforms.

BigCommerce has focused on building an exceptional SaaS solution for B2B businesses. It is flexible enough to support sophisticated B2B needs, basic customizations, and essential integrations while also offering an intuitive user interface limiting dependence on developers.

Here are a few of our BigCommerce services:

  • Replatforming to BigCommerce from another eCommerce platform
  • New B2B site builds on the BigCommerce platform
  • Systems integrations between BigCommerce and other platforms

B2B Commerce Consultation