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Magento Security Essentials

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Advanced Security and Monitoring Service

Upgrade and Update

You invested a great deal in developing your website. Continued investments in design, functionality, and marketing drive increased sales. Site patches, security updates, and upgrades are often an afterthought.

Recent malware attacks demonstrate three facts:

  • Hackers seek the greatest bang for their buck by targeting the most popular platforms.
  • Older and outdated eCommerce platforms offer easier targets for hackers.
  • Each connection to your eCommerce platform is a potential target for entry.

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Comprehensive Monitoring

Our Advanced Security and Monitoring Service uses industry-leading technology to keep you in touch with critical aspects of your site.

Performance monitoring

  • Track website and application performance, monitor server workloads, and assess the health of critical network devices.
  • Monitor and test critical user routines with real user monitoring and synthetic testing.


  • Server-side monitoring allows merchants to monitor their full store surface, including file and database scans.
  • Primary application and third party extensions are inspected for skimming detection and file integrity.

Reporting and alerts

  • 24 x 7 view of performance monitoring via client portal.
  • Automated notifications via selected channels for rapid response.

Active Alerts and Rapid Response

With the Advanced Security and Monitoring Service, you define the alerts you need to stay on top of critical aspects of your online infrastructure. It is critical to have a plan of action when you get such an alert. For all alerts, the core of your response will be:

  • Using effective communication channels
  • Defining levels of threat and response protocols for each
  • Establishing clear escalation processes
  • Identifying external entities and relevant modes of communication

An Ounce of Prevention…

The safegards provided by our Advanced Security and Monitoring Services may never be put to the test. Yet, your investment in these services is a small price to pay considering the potentially disastrous business costs resulting from a serious security breach.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
 Benjamin Franklin

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