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“Access to a worldwide community of development talent makes it easier for us to invest in a website at our relatively small scale. We have confidence that the Magento platform will continue to be a good fit as we scale in size and sophistication.”

David Petersen/ VP of Marketing and Brand Development at Gat Creek

The Challenge

The Challenge

High Point Scientific was built on the original Magento 1 platform and when they were ready for an upgrade to Magento 2, they chose IronPlane as their partner. As we worked together on the migration, it became clear there were many more opportunities for site improvement that could make their site stand out in the competitive telescope market.

The High Point Scientific team noticed that customers were getting confused by their site structure, frustrated when items were out of stock, and had trouble searching for specific telescopes and accessories. A full UX / UI audit was initiated to help them create a site that was more informative and easier to navigate, prompting more conversions.

At the core of their integrations was High Point’s Netsuite platform, which IronPlane planned to link up to Magento using the Celigo platform. Additionally, High Point wanted to implement several new tools, like ShipperHQ for their shipping needs, Extend for product warranties, and Bread for buy now pay later plans. All of these solutions had to integrate with Magento.

The Solution

IronPlane initiated a professional UX analysis with a partner agency to determine what UX and UI improvements to prioritize before, during, and after the migration to Magento 2. The IronPlane team then used those results to design a new custom theme that incorporated best practices while displaying High Point Scientific products in a beautiful, compelling way.

On the backend, IronPlane spent significant time developing and testing High Point Scientific’s many integrations while minimizing disruptions for their existing site, their internal teams, and their customers.

  • Used the UX strategy to inform custom design elements for greater usability, improved customer satisfaction, and higher conversions
  • Implemented various integrations including Search Spring, ShipperHQ, Extend, Bread, and NetSuite
  • Fully migrated the old Magento 1 site to the newly designed Magento 2 platform
  • Perform ongoing site optimizations and day-to-day maintenance


The Results

The Results

Check Improved site performance, stability and security on Magento 2
Check Implemented a thoroughly researched UX design resulting in improved product discovery and higher conversion rates
Check Added functionality via custom solutions and third-party integrations including ShipperHQ, Extend, Bread, and NetSuite
Check Improved site search via full integration with Search Spring
Check Ongoing support for site optimization, bug fixes, and customization

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