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Free Magento Audit

Sometimes you need a quick opinion of your site without contracts or costs. IronPlane's free audit is the best first step in discovering the risks and opportunities within your existing Magento implementation.

The Free Magento Audit examines the following elements:

  • Magento version
  • Magento theming
  • Magento security essentials
  • Site speed
  • Third party extensions
  • Custom modules
  • Analytics settings

Magento Code Audit

IronPlane’s Magento Code Audit is essential for helping businesses understand the state of their current Magento code and how to repair and optimize that code to support future growth. Whether you are concerned about code quality, site performance, or your site's ability to support your future growth, our code review provides clear, practical guidance from expert Magento developers.

The IronPlane Code Audit examines the following elements:

  • Hosting infrastructure
  • Theming structure
  • Core files
  • Custom code
  • Administration functions
  • Advanced security review

Comprehensive Site Audit

Our Comprehensive Site Audit includes both Code and Performance Audits and adds a Business Discovery element to provide a holistic and in-depth analysis of your Magento eCommerce implementation. In addition to the elements outlined for each audit, the Business Discovery considers the following areas and builds a set of recommendations for ongoing improvement of your eCommerce business:

  • SEO
  • Accessibility
  • User interface (UI)
  • KPI assessment
  • Consumer privacy
  • Analytics review
  • Competitive review