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“Access to a worldwide community of development talent makes it easier for us to invest in a website at our relatively small scale. We have confidence that the Magento platform will continue to be a good fit as we scale in size and sophistication.”

David Petersen/ VP of Marketing and Brand Development at Gat Creek

The Challenge

The Challenge

Prior to working with IronPlane, Omni International’s site was built on Magento 1. While the site was operable, it needed to be migrated to Magento 2, and Omni wanted to modernize its UI, improve its UX, and scale up its shipping and bundling features in the process.

In addition, Omni wanted to better tailor their site to meet the needs of customers in Europe and the Americas, displaying 100s of related SKUs and research publications for each product in a digestible way. And because Omni customers were a mix of individual labs and enterprise customers, they wanted to offer both cart and quoting options.

Omni sales reps also wanted to implement Pardot, a customer tracking tool, to gain more insight into what customers were looking for on the site.

The Solution

IronPlane used their expertise to design a custom, sleek look for Omni International’s new Magento 2 site, inspired by their open-source Magento theme, Alpaca. In tandem, IronPlane implemented Magento’s B2B Commerce edition to support both add-to-cart and add-to-quote functions. With this new UI and more functional UX, customers could easily navigate the site, explore product bundles and accessories, read corresponding research, and request formal quotes.

IronPlane then implemented Pardot to provide reps with the sales intelligence they needed to deliver more accurate quotes, upsell customers on additional products, and prioritize their most valuable leads.

IronPlane also configured a distributor locator feature to automatically assign the correct distributor to each order based on the customer’s IP address and greatly streamline checkout and back-end operations. At the same time, IronPlane helped implement ShipperHQ. With both of these solutions in place, Omni customers could track where their shipment was coming from and better understand when it would arrive.

  • A complete site theme overhaul
  • Migration to Magento 2
  • Magento Commerce implementation for advanced quoting features
  • ShipperHQ and distributor locator integration
  • A seamless Pardot integration
  • Related products and publications revamp
The Results

The Results

Check An updated, user-friendly Magento 2 site
Check US, UK, Ireland, EU, Canada-specific sites, as well as a global store
Check Integration with Pardot for sales intelligence
Check A new, streamlined quoting system
Check A linear checkout flow
Check Comprehensive documentation and related products to accompany every item
Check Automatic distributor assignment

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