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The Challenge

The Challenge

PackagingPrice, acquired by BOX Partners LLC, needed a new eCommerce platform that aligned with their parent company's tech stack. They also faced the following hurdles:

  • Their existing Magento store was costly to maintain and lacked user-friendly content management.
  • They required an easier and more affordable platform with the ability to migrate historical data and replicate key functionalities.

The Solution

IronPlane partnered with PackagingPrice to migrate their Magento store to BigCommerce, addressing these specific needs:

  • Reduced Costs: BigCommerce offered a more cost-effective solution for ownership and maintenance.
  • Simplified Integrations: Critical systems were integrated, while non-essential features were consolidated or eliminated.
  • Improved Content Management: BigCommerce provided a user-friendly interface for easier content management.
  • Streamlined Launch: BigCommerce’s pre-built themes and functionalities facilitated a faster launch.
  • Data Migration: IronPlane developed custom scripts to migrate over 100,000 customer accounts, 275,000 orders, and reward points data from Magento to BigCommerce.
The Approach

The Approach

IronPlane's methodical approach and dual expertise in both Magento and BigCommerce ensured a smooth migration:

  • Discovery and Gap Analysis: IronPlane documented PackagingPrice's existing Magento store functionalities, identifying features crucial for the new platform.
  • Project Plan: A comprehensive plan outlined the migration process, including activities, dependencies, integrations, future considerations, and timelines.
  • BigCommerce Store Setup: IronPlane configured the BigCommerce store, including theme styles, global settings, and CMS content migration.
  • ERP/API Integrations: Existing API integrations with PackagingPrice's ERP system were mapped to equivalent BigCommerce APIs or webhooks.
  • App Selection and Configuration: Essential third-party apps like Avalara Avatax, ShipperHQ, and Cybersource were installed and configured.
  • Data Migration: Custom scripts facilitated the migration of customer accounts, orders, and reward points data in batches to minimize impact on the live Magento store.
  • MVP Launch and Post-Launch Support: IronPlane collaborated with PackagingPrice's team to launch the BigCommerce store, migrate remaining data, and provide post-launch support.

The Results

PackagingPrice successfully migrated to BigCommerce, achieving their goals of:

  • Cost Reduction: The new store reduced ownership and maintenance costs.
  • Improved Efficiency: BigCommerce allowed for streamlined integrations and simplified content management.
  • Successful Launch: IronPlane and PackagingPrice facilitated a smooth launch on a new platform with migrated data and core functionalities.
IronPlane's expertise in Magento to BigCommerce migrations helped PackagingPrice achieve a successful and cost-effective transition, paving the way for future growth and success.

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