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Magento Site Security Snapshot

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Hiring IronPlane for your Magento consulting gives you access to essential information for optimizing your eCommerce platform.

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Need a Magento Consultant?

Need a Magento Consultant?

You need a skilled Magento consultant if you experience any of these challenges:

  • Your eCommerce KPIs are stagnant or are trending in the wrong direction.
  • You feel stuck without a clear strategy for building your online business.
  • You are spending a lot of money on SEO and ads with limited ROI.
  • You are spending too much time and money managing site maintenance rather than building your business.
  • You want to prioritize site security but need a plan within your budget.
  • You have heard that your site needs to be accessible but you don't know where to start.

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The Right Services

Magento consultants can provide a wide range of services, depending on your needs. IronPlane’s Magento consulting services include:

  • Platform selection
    Perhaps the most important decision to get right. We help you analyze your options and make the best decision for your business.
  • eCommerce growth planning
    Your eCommerce depends on skilled execution of marketing and engagement strategies. We help you build an effective strategy for your target audience.
  • Customization design
    We design Magento customizations to meet your specific needs whether that is with custom functionality or complex integrations with existing systems.
  • Performance optimization guidance
    Magento gets a bad rap for site speed. We go beyond the standard best practices to identify our tried and true tactics for concrete speed improvements.
  • Security strategy
    Website hacking is advancing as fast as your eCommerce technology, we help you stay ahead of that curve with a comprehensive security strategy for proactive scans, notifications, and rapid response.
  • Infrastructure design
    We provide managed hosting services for many of our Magento Open Source clients and we use this expertise to design a hosting environment that will ensure robust and highly scalable infrastructure for your site.
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Why IronPlane?

At IronPlane, we take a partnership approach to Magento consulting. We don't see ourselves as simply vendors or service providers - we see ourselves as your partner in eCommerce success. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with each of our clients and to provide them with the ongoing support they need to grow and thrive in the world of eCommerce.

So, what sets IronPlane apart from other Magento consulting firms?

    • IronPlane's Magento consultants include seasoned professionals with extensive prior experience working in the eCommerce industry.
    • Our Magento consultants have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that businesses like yours face, and they know how to help you overcome those challenges and capitalize on those opportunities.
    • Our consultants are not just experts in Magento - they're also experienced eCommerce consultants. They provide you with a holistic perspective on your business and help you develop strategies that will drive growth and profitability across all areas of your eCommerce operations.
    • IronPlane specializes in Magento and Adobe Commerce design and development. Our Magento consultants have access to some of the best developers on the market to validate proof of concept efforts.