Newsletter and Monthly Giveaway - Sea Bags

On Monday, those on our email list will receive the very first IronPlane company weekly newsletter.  The plan for a  newsletter has been in the works for quite some time and we are thrilled to now have a plan in place to bring you news and industry updates each week.

What can you expect to find in the IronPane Weekly Digest?  Here are some highlights…

Article Summary –   Each day we are  publishing new content on our site.   The topics vary from basic/foundational things to more in depth content as well as features on clients, vendors and partners we like.  In this portion of our newsletter we will highlight a few of our most recent articles in case you missed them.

Partner or Client spotlight- This area will introduce you to the partners and clients we are working. We will share the services they offer as well as the work we have done for them.

Did You Know – Here we offer a weekly interesting statistic as well as an industry vocabulary word.

Giveaway – Each month we will run a giveaway for a prize. The prizes will vary from month to month but often they will feature a product from one of our clients (see below). There will be many different ways to enter, giving you lots of opportunities to win.

Weekly riddle – This is just for  fun but it you answer it correctly you can get an extra entry in our giveaway!

We are really looking forward to connecting with you more regularly with our newsletter.  Not on our email list? You can sign up by using the giveaway entry form.


Our giveaway for this month is featuring the work of one of our clients Sea Bags.  Enter to win the Navy Anchor Tote pictured below (a $130 ARV).

sea bags

These bags, made from recycled sails,  are wildly popular as well as being extremely durable.  Click the link below to enter and best of luck!



Watch  your inbox for our first newsletter Monday morning!

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