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The Challenge

The Challenge

Baby Lock was looking for a way to consolidate three separate websites (,, and into a unified, seamless experience on The goal was to create a comprehensive online platform that not only merged various functionalities, but also allowed online purchasing and shipment of Baby Lock products. 

The challenge was building a website that satisfied different customer groups including B2B, DTC and learning subscribers.

The Solution

The foundation of the solution was Adobe Commerce Cloud as an extremely flexible and robust system capable of functional requirements for each customer group.

Key components of the solution included:

  • Comprehensive migration from existing sites to new environment
  • Epicor ERP integration for bi-directional data exchange
  • Development of a custom promotions engine
  • Comprehensive site redesign.

The development team focused on data migration, utilizing data patches to navigate the complexity of merging multiple sites. The project benefited from experienced developers who demonstrated maturity and resilience when faced with challenges, ensuring a smooth overall process. The project management team also played a crucial role in facilitating communication, providing quick responses, and maintaining transparency.

The new Baby Lock eCommerce site features:

  • Improved end-user experiences
  • Streamlined checkout processes
  • Enhanced functionalities for retailer engagement

Customizations were implemented following best practices, including ACL permissions, Redchamps Clean Admin Menu, and modules for backend organization. The use of Fastly and multi-layered caching also optimized site speed.

The Approach

The Results

The new Baby Lock eCommerce site exceeded expectations in several areas, such as operational efficiencies and the ability to sell products online. The integration with the Sewed site for classes and the removal of manual processes in the retailer rewards section contributed to operational savings. The site also showcased improved sales.

In addition to all those successes, the IronPlane team also demonstrated their commitment to ongoing partnership by identifying ways to take the new Baby Lock website even further. Front-end search functionality, promotion capabilities, and retailer engagement with the rewards system were highlighted as future focus areas.

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