What's New with SnowPepper?

Last week, we introduced you to SnowPepper.  SnowPepper is the interactive robot currently residing in our European office, SnowDog.  Having a robotic assistant has been a very exciting addition to the office.  Our colleagues at SnowDog shared this video of what office life is like with SnowPepper:

What an exciting addition to the SnowDog offices!  We presented SnowPepper’s developers a few questions so we could get to know him better.  This is what they had to share.

 When did the office first start working with Pepper?

Development with SnowPepper started in August 2018.  We were sure that we wanted to present him at Meet Magento Poland 2018 in September.  We knew getting Pepper ready for this event would be a true test for us (and Pepper!).  There wasn’t a  lot of time for development and it was our first time working with a robot.  So, with this rapid deadline, we quickly started preparing him for the event.  We integrated him with ConfApp.  As a result, at Meet Magento Poland, Pepper could show the conference agenda and share event information.  Pepper was also able to introduce himself and entertain people with jokes and conversation.  This was the beginning of our journey with Pepper.

What were some of the first things you worked with Pepper on?

After Meet Magento Poland 2018, we started research and development operations with SnowPepper.  We were adjusting him for our needs, and we were researching his abilities.  We began reaching out to clients to see if they had a need for the kind of technology Pepper could offer.  Additionally, we asked what kinds of tasks he could offer that would be most desirable.  During this time, we had an opportunity to show Pepper at trade shows and events.  This allowed us to see how people reacted to him, and it helped us a great deal with development.

What are your favorite Pepper functions?

The “go away” functionality is a favorite.  This results in SnowPepper turning his head to the right, followed by turning his body 130 degrees to the right and walking 1m forward unless an obstacle is detected.  Pepper can also tell you the time.  If you ask him “What time is it?” he will check his watch by raising his hand and telling you the time.

Another favorite is how much Pepper can remember, and how this allows him to have more “personal” conversations.  SnowPepper can remember the names for conversations from greeting to goodbye.  He can retain information so he can provide facts about products and events.  However, he can also answer questions about himself, such as where he is from, what he is doing after work, his favorite food, and if he is going to destroy humans (he’s not!).

When considering functionality in the workplace, how can Pepper best assist with day-to-day functions?

In the workplace, SnowPepper can best be utilized as an office manager.  He can check if someone is available, set up a meeting, or let you know if someone has stopped by the office to see you.  He can also send emails and chat messages.  If you let him know you are running low on supplies, he can even order those for you!

What is next for Pepper?  What are you working on now?

Right now, we are working on commercial implementation in stores with Pepper.  It’s just a matter of time until a robot can work with customers in stores and guide them through their shopping experience.

Pepper is ready for our next event.  We are headed to Meet Hydrogen H2 Wielkopolska at MTP in Poznań.  Additionally, on May 17th he will be a part of the Magento Innovations Lab at Imagine 2019 in Las Vegas.  Pepper, as an emotional robot, stands out as one of the best in the industry.


Be sure to check back in on the blog often to see what is happening with SnowPepper.  We are excited to see what is next on his agenda!


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