How to prepare your Magento 2 eCommerce site for Black Friday

There are numerous holidays every year that afford opportunities to boost your sales. If you have a Magento 2 store, you should prepare for any foreseeable changes in website activity. During these holiday seasons, customers browse more, expect discounts or gifts, and compare prices with other websites. They also tend to become more impatient. Therefore, in order to keep them on your site, you need to make their shopping experience as pleasant as possible. Here are some ways to achieve this effectively.

Mobile-friendly design

Most people today do their online shopping directly from their phones and other mobile devices. Magento offers several visually attractive templates and themes that are entirely mobile-friendly. Using one will help ensure that you don’t miss out on an ever-growing segment of the market.


The performance of every Magento site has two crucial aspects: the server where it is stored and the way it works on the user side. Adequate speed, uptime, and capacity for high traffic are essential on the server side, andshould be addressed with your hosting provider. Design and functionality are user side considerations. Regardless of the size of your store, the better you optimize your site, the higher your chances will be of taking advantage of these increased traffic seasons. Full-page caching, a feature offered by Magento, improves response time and reduces the load on the server.

Users come first

Your online store’s design must be aligned with your users’  expectations. Magento offers many different features to improve user experience, such as adding multiple filters to narrow down a selection, viewing product details right on the catalog page, and more.

Your site should also be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which will attract another segment of the market and protect you against possible lawsuits for not providing equal opportunities, an increasingly common occurrence.


During holiday seasons, people usually expect special discounts, promotions, and gifts. Make sure these are clearly displayed on the webpage of each product so your customers can detect them at a glance. Magento 2 has several extensions to help you add temporary discounts that will become active at specified times without affecting your overall price structure.

Visual changes

Part of preparing for a holiday season involves decoration of your site’s overall design. Magento has a few templates for relevant holiday seasons.  It is vital that your site is modified ahead of time and updated as soon as the date comes up. Several extensions are also available that will help you and your development team get your site ready to reflect the upcoming holiday.

In summary

There are many ways to optimize your online store in preparation for holidays and special seasons involving higher traffic and higher sales, such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. Don’t miss out on these excellent opportunities to increase your sales.

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