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Why should you prepare your Magento eCommerce for Black Friday?

Black Friday is a hectic time of the year for online stores, and you should make sure you are ready to profit from it. Here are a few ideas.

Know your business

It is essential that you have a clear view of your business over time in order to prepare for the future. You should review any difficulties you have experienced during previous holiday seasons so you can avoid them next time. Is your website ready to handle the increased traffic? How well did your advertising work last time? Was it enough? Was it well targeted? How did it impact your sales? There are several tools to help you gather and analyze this kind of information.

Advertising is important

There was a time when a few keywords included in your website’s meta statements were enough to drive traffic to your site. However, with constant changes to the Google algorithms, it is becoming more of a challenge to target your desired audience and get the conversion rates you need. Hence, you must also invest in advertising to achieve your sales goals. And, since the season is almost here, your campaign should be more aggressive than usual. Your ads must be  carefully designed with both your products and potential buyers in mind. All advertising should increase in frequency and intensity as Black Friday approaches.e

Be ready for the next campaign

Everybody knows that Black Friday is followed by Cyber Monday, another  great day to increase your sales! Reorganize your advertising, retarget, and push forward. You and your eCommerce site must be capable of handling these changes in a short time to keep your customers informed of your products and any changes in price or specifications. Prepare well in advance.

Adapt or die

This may sound a little harsh, but it is true. The overall image of your eCommerce site must reflect the appropriate holiday or season. . Your customers want to see something different on your website ̶— if they see the same design, with no reference to Black Friday whatsoever, they may assume there are no specials and move on.

Know your customers

According to recent research and statistics, most browsing during peak times is carried out on mobile devices. Though desktop browsing brings better conversion rates for expensive products, mobile devices work best for less costly items. Make sure your site design is well suited to address these differences.

Simplify your customers’ paying experience

Increased traffic to your website may increase sales, but may also result in more abandoned carts if the checkout/payment process is not up to par. Make sure your checkout process is as quick and easy as possible for your customers. Information on shipping charges, financing alternatives, and other details should be readily available and easy to locate.

You are not alone

You don’t have to go through all these changes and preparations on your own. IronPlane is your full service certified Magento agency and is ready to provide the support you need.

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