Jeff Zoldy

Jeff is an editor, writer, and marketer with years of agency and client experience alike. At IronPlane, he serves as a Technical Writer, creating eCommerce-focused content for the website, blog, and social media channels designed to keep people informed on everything happening in the world of digital commerce — including news, guides, trends, thought leadership, and beyond.

Choosing the Ideal BigCommerce Development Services Agency

Unlock ecommerce success with our guide on choosing the ideal agency for BigCommerce development services. Elevate your online store and increase sales.

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Transform your online store with our guide to the most compelling BigCommerce design themes. Uncover website designs tailored to drive eCommerce sales.

Understanding Customer Lifetime Value: A Strategic Approach for Magento and Adobe Commerce Users

Calculating and maximizing Customer Lifetime Value is crucial for eCommerce businesses. By understanding CLV, leveraging the right tools, and implementing strategic practices, businesses can significantly enhance their customer relationships and profitability.

What is an eCommerce Development Company

Development companies and agencies are pivotal players driving the growth and success of eCommerce businesses. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, creativity, and strategic insight, these firms offer a myriad of solutions tailored to the diverse needs of businesses navigating the digital marketplace.

What is a Magento Rescue Agency?

Magento is a popular eCommerce platform that offers flexibility and control over the content, functionality, and look of an online store. However, businesses sometimes face challenges that require specialized intervention. This is where Magento rescue agencies come in.

Fit for Success: Choosing The Right Adobe Commerce Agency

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The Three Stages of eCommerce Development: Start Your Business Today

At IronPlane, we understand that getting started in the eCommerce market or further developing your business is complicated. Whether you're launching a new platform, experiencing stagnant growth, or ready to scale up, knowing the stage of development your business is in can significantly impact your strategy.

Is Magento Good for eCommerce?

Magento continues to be a leading choice for eCommerce platforms in 2024, offering a vast range of features and benefits suitable for businesses of different sizes. At IronPlane, we specialize in leveraging Magento to create tailored, powerful, and scalable eCommerce solutions.

Scale for Success: Level Up Online Sales With eCommerce Development Services

eCommerce development services play a crucial role in catapulting businesses to the next level of sales success.

Exploring Channel Dynamics: A High-Level Guide for Furniture Manufacturers in eCommerce

Explore the significance of eCommerce channel opportunities while learning the pitfalls of channel conflict as they pertain to furniture manufacturing.