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10 Sites for your Creepy Halloween Requirements



Halloween is upon us which means it is time for all things spooky.  To help get you into the Halloween spirit we have compiled a list of sites sure to meet your creepy Halloween requirements.

  1. 13 Movies That Will Scare You Senseless.  Readers Digest has put together a list of the 13 scariest movies out there.  How many have you dared to watch?
  2. 50 Last Minute Costume Ideas.  Did you put off pulling together a costume this year and are now entering panic mode?  Never fear, Good  Housekeeping has put together more than 50 fun and easy last minute  costume ideas.  We are partial to the “bread winner” and the “she sells seashells”.  So clever!
  3. 50 Easy Halloween Crafts.  Feeling crafty?  This list gives you inspiration for everything from an eyeball wreath to spiders made from mini pumpkins.
  4. Top 50 Halloween Recipes.  The Food  Network has compiled their best 50 Halloween recipes into a handy list.  Impress  your friends and family with concoctions like “Frankenshakes” and a “Candy Corn Cheese Tower”.  Yum!
  5. Top 10 Halloween Songs.  Need a spooky playlist for your Halloween party?  Billboard has a list of  the top 10 Halloween songs of all time. Yes, Thriller made the list!
  6. 13 Haunted Places to Visit.  Looking for a big scare?  Head over to one of these 13 (allegedly) haunted places for a tour.  Lizzie Borden’s House and the Winchester Mystery House are two of the spooky spots on the list.
  7. 13 Most Chilling Books of 2018.  Are you a bookworm?  2018 has been a  year of some truly chilling tales.  Pop Sugar released a list of 13 of the scariest  and, having read a few, I can attest to the fact that there are some truly terrifying books on the list!
  8. 33 Pumpkin Carving Ideas.  Still haven’t found the inspiration for your pumpkin this year?  Don’t worry…Southern Living has 33 fun ideas to help you create the perfect pumpkin.
  9. Top 10 Ghost Websites.  Have a ghost in your house?  Want to read about haunted  happenings  online?  This list covers every ghostly topic you can possible imagine.
  10. 1 Giveaway to Drive Away the Nightmares.  We have just filled your head full of the spookiest of thoughts so now we feel like we need to give you something to help you sleep tonight.  We are hosting a giveaway of a completely non-terrifying blue anchor tote from Sea Bags.  Enter to win and hopefully take your mind off of all these scary thoughts.   Happy Halloween!

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