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Code Review and Site Audit

Our Magento Performance Optimization Service team creates a full copy of your current site within our dev environment and conducts a review of key areas of your Magento code. Upon completion, a code review report is provided with our analysis of the following areas:

  • Magento core code
  • Theming structure
  • Security configurations
  • Custom features & integrations
  • 3rd party extensions
  • Client-identified areas of concern

Magento Speed Optimization

Site speed is a critical element of eCommerce success. Magento has a history as a robust but heavy eCommerce platform. While the launch of Magento 2 improved native site speed, the Magento platform performance can and should be further optimized by a skilled developer. To speed up your Magento 2 store, our devs analyze and adjust each of the following:

  • Magento hosting configuration
  • Magento 2 database optimization
  • JavaScript and CSS file optimization
  • Content delivery network
  • Cache configuration (at app & server levels)
  • Magento image optimization

Magento Security Optimization

Even with the industry-leading Magento 2 platform, hacks, ransomware, and malware can bring your site to its knees. It’s impossible to protect your site 100% of the time, but with our Magento security optimization, we advise you on ways to reduce your risk, including:

  • Keeping your Magento platform up to date with security patches
  • Implementing a PCI compliance management program
  • Considering a third-party checkout platform to shift PCI obligations
  • Installing a fraud mitigation module
  • Setting up a site security monitoring tool on your site

Magento Conversion Rate Optimization

Whether you’re interested in lead generation, subscribers, or buyers, optimizing your conversion rate is essential. Each unique customer journey requires thoughtful design and targeted conversion opportunities. We focus our Magento 2 conversion optimization efforts in these areas:

  • UX strategy and design
  • Actionable analytics
  • Site search optimization
  • 3rd party tools

Magento Support and Maintenance

The best Magento eCommerce website needs high-quality support and maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Our Magento support and maintenance program provides you with a dedicated solution specialist who coordinates:

  • Magento bug fixes
  • Magento updates
  • Magento MySQL optimization
  • Magento enhancements and optimizations
  • Custom development and integrations
  • Magento extension installation

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I optimize images in Magento 2?

Following are eight common and impactful ways to optimize your online images:

  • Size your images for various screen sizes
  • Use smart image compression
  • Use modern image file formats (PNG, WebP, AVIF, etc.)
  • Make appropriate use of vector images
  • Employ lazy-loading techniques
  • Optimize your image cache settings
  • Leverage CSS3 instead of image files
  • Remove text on images

Why is my Magento site so slow?

There are several reasons your Magento site is slow. To identify the cause, you need to know where to look. Here are the top 10 causes of a slow Magento site to check before attempting a fix:

  • You’re on an older version of Magento / PHP
  • Images are not optimized
  • Your theme is “heavy”
  • Proper caching is not in use (consider Varnish)
  • Javascript is not optimized
  • Extraneous or poorly written code
  • Third-party extensions
  • Database optimization not implemented
  • Improperly sized hosting architecture
  • Not using a content delivery network

How do I improve my conversion rates?

Different businesses have different conversion expectations for their website. Some companies seek leads, while others are looking for subscriptions, some care most about purchases, and still, others are looking for engagement.

While the actual call to action/landing page is important to consider, it is essential to back up a bit and make sure you are getting the right people with the right intent to the right CTA / page. For example, a great call to action for a special on snowblowers will fail if the visitor is looking for hammocks (and lives in Florida).

Assuming you match the visitor intent with your call to action, the next most important element is making the conversion action clear and easy. Ideally, this means:

  • Presenting a single call to action
  • Making the call to action clear and attractive for all devices
  • Ensuring your website and CTAs are accessible for all users
  • Providing some form of follow-through to confirm the action and perhaps thank the visitor

What is Magento 2 database optimization?

Database optimization is a generic term used for work done with a database to achieve a specific result. In some cases, you might be seeking to improve the speed of your application, while in others, to reduce the size of your database. For Magento users, the speed of an application is the most common reason to consider database optimization activities. In this scenario, consider the following optimizations:

  • Using the latest database version
  • Log cleanup / truncation
  • Site reindexing
  • Switching to flat catalog
  • Use ElasticSearch
  • Implementing automated optimization activities where appropriate