Magento 2.3.0: What to Expect

In November 2018, Magento announced that version 2.3.0 would arrive in 2019.  Building on Magento’s incredible growth over 2018, Magento 2.3.0 is set to add several new tools.  These tools will help merchants grow their eCommerce businesses.  Here are some of the features that we are most looking forward to.

New Security Tools

Shoppers value both security and efficiency during checkout, and fraud prevention has become a pressing issue for retailers as well.  Magento 2.3.0 adds two-factor authentication and Google reCAPTCHA features.  These make the platform even more secure, providing additional control for merchants over user verification and caching without adding complications to the checkout process.

Two-factor authentication for the Magento Admin panel will include Google Authenticator, Duo Security, and Authy.  Merchants will be able to configure the second authentication stage so that users can verify their login credentials via One Touch, SMS, phone call, or Access Token.  This will provide them with security as well as convenient access.

Google reCAPTCHA will add an additional level of security enhancements.  By providing a built-in mechanism to detect spam and other malicious activity, the Google reCAPTCHA tool will help merchants protect such items as admin pages, user login pages, contact forms, and forgotten password pages from bots.

Multi-Source Inventory (MSI)

MSI will allow eCommerce sites to tap into multiple warehouses for fulfillment.  This is a welcome feature which will help retailers manage their inventory across warehouse locations through the Magento admin, helping to improve operational efficiency.  The MSI system will also incorporate a reservation system during the ordering process.  This will eliminate re-indexing and related performance issues that tend to occur during peak order periods.

MSI will also allow merchants to track inventory at each source, assign quantities and specific products to stores, warehouses, or other fulfillment sources, and even integrate with third-party inventory systems.  This will provide benefits for merchants with a single inventory source too, since MSI will allow retailers to keep track of deductions from available product stock when products are added to an online cart, helping keep more accurate product quantity counts.

Progressive Web Application (PWA) Studio

A superior mobile website is more important than ever for eCommerce, with almost three-quarters of consumers expected to use their mobile phone to shop online in 2019.  Progressive Web apps, which are applications or websites that leverage modern technology to behave like native mobile apps, are useful tools for building app-like experiences for users.  These apps will make it easier than ever for shoppers to check out using their mobile phones.

The PWA Studio added in version 2.3.0 will bring a number of powerful, easy-to-use tools aimed at simplifying site development.  It will be a helpful kit for building eCommerce stores that provide app-like experiences for users.  In addition, Magento PWA Studio will receive regular updates for adding new features.


One of the most exciting additions in version 2.3.0 is the introduction of GraphQL, a data query language for using APIs.  GraphQL’s query language facilitates the retrieval of precisely the requested data from the server, as well as chaining requests.  These capabilities will help minimize API requests, which in turn will speed up the front-end user experience.  Version 2.3.0 will provide additional functionality, including such items as storefront GraphQL API for orders, my account, and checkout, and mutations to support payments and checkout.

Page Builder

Page Builder will make it easier than ever to manage site content and create web pages.  Instead of using CSS or HTML, Page Builder provides a flexible, drag-and-drop grid system that allows users to position page elements in an easy, highly customizable way.  The instant preview capabilities will also help users without extensive technical training to take control over their site content, creating new pages and launching updates to store content quickly and easily.

Template-based page designing capabilities will make it simpler for users to design a beautiful and highly functional front end.  Plus, Page Builder will be fully integrated with existing Magento functionality, including widgets and the media gallery, providing integration of third-party content like YouTube videos and integration with static blocks.

Declarative Schema

Version 2.3.0 will provide support for Declarative Schema, which will simplify and streamline the process of Magento installation and upgrading.  Declarative Schema will reduce the need to have and maintain multiple database scripts.

It will also allow developers to design the structure of a database in XML.  The Magento platform will be able to convert XML schema files into SQL statements and then perform them.  Developers will be able to set the desired end state of a database and then direct the system to automatically adjust.  This will allow for the rollback of database changes and allow users to perform tests and validations against the schema definition files.

Magento Shipping

Version 2.3.0 will also make a number of upgrades to core bundled extension enhancements.  The Magento Shipping “Click & Collect” features will make it possible to enable customers to collect shipments directly from designated stores or other source locations and will allow merchants to configure source locations that are available to customers for the Click & Collect in-person pick-ups.

The new version also adds several updates, including enhancements to the dispatch details page and the display tracking pop-ups for multi-package shipments.

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