IronPlane Magento 2 Development Services | 2023 Guide

When you choose IronPlane for your Magento 2 development needs, you get access to a team of collaborative and consultative Magento experts.  

  • We determine what your site needs. Before we start any eCommerce project, we complete a detailed code review and consultation to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your current Magento site and understand your business goals. 
  • We customize and optimize your site. Magento 2 is a powerful eCommerce platform offering deep functionality and extensive customizability. IronPlane can develop your Magento 2 site based on your business goals, operational needs, creative design, and custom functionality requirements. Our expertise ensures the power of Magento 2 is optimized to drive the future of your business. 
  • We establish a long-term partnership. While many development agencies prefer to work on a project-by-project basis, we see each client as a long-term partnership. Upon onboarding with us, you will be assigned to a Solution Specialist who will remain your dedicated point of contact for the entirety of our work together.

We’ll talk more about IronPlane’s Magento 2 development services and how our hands-on approach helps online stores improve their bottom line. 

Companies see faster page download speeds, increased conversion rates, a smoother user experience, and more after working with IronPlane. To find out what IronPlane can do for your Magento 2 site, contact us for a free consultation

We Specialize in Magento Website Development Services, Upgrades, and Customizations

Our team of Magento-certified developers has years of experience and can provide online retailers with a range of Magento services, including site updates, optimizations, extension development, and custom integrations. 

To kick off our projects, we offer a variety of starting points to build a clear picture of business needs and existing code. The core components of this project phase are the Business Discovery and Site Audit/Code Review.

Business Discovery

The discovery process helps us build out functional requirements of the website in supporting the online business. Paired with our code review, our discovery phase informs the next steps of the project. This phase includes:

  • Business Requirements Gathering. The goal of this activity is to identify a comprehensive understanding of the online business goals, existing challenges, and future plans. We do this by reviewing existing documentation as well as by conducting stakeholder interviews with key members throughout the organization.
  • High-level application review. At this stage, we are ready to dig into the operations of the site and the people who use it. For this, we review the business rules that are used in online sales such as promotions, subscriptions, shipping, tax, customer groups, and pricing rules. We also research the admin area of the site to better understand the operational processes of day-to-day customer engagement and order fulfillment.
  • High-level design review. Site design, brand requirements, and user experience strategy are the elements we work with for this review. We pay particular attention to any unique layouts/views that need to be retained or developed. Our UX team is available for a deeper dive into audience research and buyer journey mapping as needed. 

Site Audit/Code Review 

Our site audit and code review allow us to dive into the Magento 2 development itself with a focus on site performance and code quality.

  • Site Audit. For this audit, we focus solely on the areas of your site that correlate with user experience and conversions. We assess the user interface, site speed, security, accessibility, infrastructure, privacy, SEO, administrative functions, analytics setup, and configuration. 
  • Magento Code Review. This audit is essential for all of our projects.  Our developers dive into the front- and back-end code of your Magento eCommerce store to identify code requiring repair, replacement, or removal. We look at your theme structure, modules, site security, customizations, core files, and Magento integrations.

Every project we undertake involves elements of both the business discovery and the site audit/code review, but the depth of each activity depends on your specific needs.

Following the discovery and audit phase of the project, we put together a detailed project plan, mapping out the activities and the schedule of delivery.

For most of our projects, the very first step is to perform an update to your Magento store to ensure you are on the latest secure and stable version of the Magento 2 platform.

Magento Updates  

Keeping your Magento site updated helps improve page download speeds, scalability, and functionality. It also gives you access to the latest security features. 

Upgrading your Magento 2 site isn’t always an easy task. If you are making the most of Magento’s 3rd party modules, custom theming, and complex integrations, it is both risky and challenging to leave the upgrade process to an inexperienced team or a single full-stack developer.

IronPlane has been performing updates on Magento sites since 2011. Whether it’s upgrading your site from Magento 1 to Magento 2, performing a Magento migration, or installing any of the smaller updates that Adobe releases throughout the year, we know exactly how to carry out these tasks with little disruption to your business. We keep your site running while we work on the updates, and only launch the new site and redirect traffic once we’ve fully implemented and tested the changes.

After updating your Magento site to the latest version, we can spend time on optimizations to enable future growth and stability.


When optimizing Magento websites, we focus on three main areas: 

  • Site speed. Slow websites aren’t as user-friendly and can result in fewer conversions. Although the latest version of Magento 2 provides faster site speeds, websites still need optimizations to achieve the best page load times. There are several ways to optimize site speeds, and the results of our code audit will help us determine what areas to focus on to reach your goals. 
  • Security. An up to date Magento 2 site — outfitted with the latest security patches — is essential to reducing your vulnerability to hacking. However, even these updated sites should have systems in place to monitor the health and security of your site’s infrastructure and code. IronPlane offers a site security management program including proactive prevention, malware detection, and real-time alerts.
  • Conversion rates. One of the best ways to improve conversion rates is to conduct A/B tests on certain site changes. But determining what to test requires informed research. Our Solution Specialists understand best practices when it comes to optimizing your site for conversions, allowing us to carry out effective A/B testing. We also offer a UX audit that goes deeper into your business goals, analyzes your site’s UX, gathers customer feedback, and identifies ways to enhance your user experience and conversion rates. 

Keeping an eye on website speeds, conversion rates, and security updates ultimately leads to more satisfied users and returning customers. 

With the site now up to date, secure, optimized for speed, and converting effectively, we work with you to develop new and innovative ways to make your site stand apart from your competitors.

Custom Magento Website Design

IronPlane offers custom Magento development for your eCommerce platform, too. To get an idea of what we mean, take a look at these two past projects: 

Gat Creek

Gat Creek homepage
We worked with the furniture manufacturer, Gat Creek, to make various Magento customizations to their online store — including a 3D product visualizer. The 3D visualizer feature allows customers to easily select furniture from their site and view interactive models of it, or visualize products in their own home through their smartphone camera. 

This implementation not only improved their customer experience, but also reduced Gat Creek’s time to market and level of effort in getting all product variations live on their site.

Russell Marine Products

Russell Marine Products homepage
We also customize Magento eCommerce stores so they comply with business requirements and policies. One case study involves Russell Marine Products, a fishing equipment retailer who needed a custom order fulfillment flow. In order to minimize fraudulent transactions without slowing valid orders, we developed custom rules to automatically process approved orders while pausing orders for immediate review when an order was flagged by their fraud detection system.

IronPlane has been working with Magento solutions for over 10 years and has experience with all types of retailers, including B2B and B2C. We know how to customize your site to effectively present your products, engage your customers and achieve your online business goals. 

IronPlane Offers a Consultative Approach to Magento 2 Development Services

With all of our clients, we build a strong foundation of trust and open communication. From business needs discovery and code review to Magento upgrades, optimizations, and customizations, we continually collaborate with our clients to ensure a shared vision of the goals we aim to achieve and the tasks required to get us there. 

We work with most clients for years at a time, helping them ensure that their Magento 2 site continues to provide a concrete return on their eCommerce investment as their business grows and matures.

Transparent Communication from Start to Finish

Many of our clients come to us after working with other agencies where junior project managers would simply pass information from the client to the development team, report on ticket statuses, and escalate any substantial questions to agency managers (often with substantial delay).

IronPlane’s Project Managers are eCommerce experts with years of experience working with the Magento platform. We call them Solution Specialists as often as Project Managers because they contribute their expertise as guidance in finding the right solutions for the specific needs of your business.

IronPlane Solution Specialist
Your Solution Specialist remains with you from project initiation through ongoing support. Using our chat tool and ticketing system, we maintain ongoing communications with rapid response times during regular business hours. For after-hours support, our ticketing system automatically notifies staff of issues defined as emergency so that our team can quickly identify and research the problem, and implement a solution to minimize impact to your online business.

Throughout our projects, we are upfront with project timelines and pricing impacts, so you can accurately plan and budget. Using our ticketing system, we provide updates each step of the way so you can track our progress and know what’s happening and when.

Long-Term Partnerships and Strategic Game-Planning 

Throughout our ongoing support agreements, our team works closely with you to outline new goals and determine the timing and budget that fits with your business requirements.

Our continuous partnership with the wholesale jewelry business Royal Chain Group is an example of this, as we provide them with ongoing Magento web development and optimization. Following the initial launch of their new Magento 2 site, we have worked with them to develop specific customizations desired by their company.

Royal Chain Group homepage
IronPlane installed a module for Royal Chain Group that provides daily product and import updates: each night, we use this module to instantly update their site with the latest gold and silver prices. We also use this to update customer profiles and balances, so customers can sign on and see the most up-to-date account information. 

These customizations reflect the collaborative approach we build where the dialog between our client and their Solution Specialist results in innovative ideas to solve unique problems.

Schedule a Call with Our Team

IronPlane is a leading Magento development company, providing personalized services to support your eCommerce website and help your business grow. We’re dedicated to the Magento platform and can accommodate teams on Adobe Commerce (including Adobe Commerce Cloud) or Magento Open Source, and we can migrate or upgrade you to Magento 2 if you aren’t already there. 

We cover everything from Magento theme development to updates to custom extensions contact us for a free consultation to see how our team can support your online business and evolving eCommerce platform

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