Magento 2 B2B Features: Empowering Wholesale and Distribution Businesses

Key Takeaways

Feature Benefit
Account Management & Catalogue Permission Simplifies order handling and access to specific catalogues
Security Ensures safe payment processing through PCI compliance
Performance Optimises for mobile, enhancing user experience
Purchasing Workflow Facilitates quick ordering and easy reordering
Custom Catalogues and Pricing Offers tailored solutions for each customer
Advanced Analytics Provides insights into customer behaviour and performance KPIs

Introduction to Magento 2 for B2B

Magento 2 stands as a beacon of efficiency and customisation for B2B eCommerce. Its design caters to the exacting demands of B2B transactions, bringing unparalleled ease and flexibility to the table.

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Key Magento 2 B2B Features

Magento 2's suite of B2B features offers a comprehensive toolkit for handling complex wholesale transactions and distribution cycles.

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Deep Dive into Magento 2 B2B Capabilities

Focusing on Account Management, Custom Catalogues and Pricing, and Advanced Analytics, Magento 2 fine-tunes the operational intricacies of B2B eCommerce.

Transforming B2B eCommerce with Magento 2

Through case studies and examples, discover the transformational impact of Magento 2 on B2B eCommerce operations.

Iron Plane Services for Magento 2 B2B

Iron Plane's expertise in Magento 2 facilitates digital transformation for wholesale and distribution businesses. Schedule a Free Audit today to see how we can optimise your B2B operations.


Magento 2 B2B features represent a game-changer in streamlining operations and improving customer experiences for wholesale and distribution businesses. We encourage engagement with Iron Plane’s Magento 2 expertise for your digital transformation journey.

Additional Resources

For more insights into Magento 2 features, success stories, and detailed case studies, check out our Ecommerce Consulting Services Request.

This pillar page leverages informative custom visuals and thoughtfully selected Iron Plane resources to provide a thorough overview of Magento 2’s B2B capabilities, positioning Iron Plane as your ideal partner for embracing Magento 2’s powerful features in the wholesale and distribution sectors

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