8 Critical Mistakes to Avoid in eCommerce Websites

Selling online has become a very attractive way to increase a store’s business in this global era. The possibility of selling to more people in an ever-increasing number of places without the need for physical presence makes it almost impossible to pass up. It is not, however, a simple task, and sometimes critical mistakes are made that may render all efforts unproductive. Here are eight of the most common and important eCommerce mistakes to avoid.

#1 Thinking there is money to be made by simply publishing a product for sale

This is the first and worst mistake people make when trying to sell something. Sharing on social media is not enough. Customers are not out there, just waiting for you to publish something; you must cultivate your audience. Also, market research is essential. You must make sure that there is a market for your product, and that there is a need for it.

Once you find your target audience, you have to make sure you are communicating with them in a language they will understand. You must develop empathy with your potential customers.

#2 Choosing an eCommerce platform that doesn’t suit your needs

There are several eCommerce platforms on the market, but not all will be suitable for your business. You must make sure that the one you select will give you what you need now and allow you to grow into the future. Also, it must provide your customers with the best possible user experience. It must be easy to navigate, and allow customers to find what they need and finalize their purchases easily. Finally, considering that most online shopping today is done on mobile devices, your eCommerce platform must be totally responsive.

#3 Not making your site user-friendly for people with disabilities

Many potential customers online are people with disabilities. Failing to make your site accessible may drive some of these customers away, and may even result in a lawsuit under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ADA compliance will not only make your site attractive for people with disabilities and give your brand a better reputation, it will also help you with search engines since sites with ADA accessibility options receive higher rankings. 

#4 Not presenting your store as a solid brand experience

Contrary to common belief, products don’t always sell themselves. In this era of social media, a solid brand presence is essential to give your customers a sense of fulfillment and a sense of achievement. Your site must have an engaging design that represents your brand and maintains consistency. Your customers will continue to do business with you because of your substantial online presence, not because of the products you sell. People like to feel assured, and the empathy of your brand experience will help you to achieve your business objectives.

#5 Providing poor or no customer service

Although we live in the era of automation, nothing is more discouraging than having to deal with a computerized system to address our doubts and concerns. Running an online store doesn’t mean you should dispense with people devoted to speaking with customers. Human beings should be available to provide assistance, show empathy, and instill trust – not machines.

#6 Publishing poor website content, not optimized for SEO and CRO

Poor product descriptions, lack of organic keywords, and no strategy for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) will inevitably lead to a decrease in revenue for your online store. Many businesses give much thought to the products they want to sell, but they write their website content as an afterthought rather than as part of an overall strategy.

#7 Having no actual sales strategy

Disappointment may lead to giving up before results can be achieved. This is usually the case when no plan has been devised, and sales of a product are not happening as expected within a specific timeframe. As pointed out above, products do not sell themselves.

#8 Providing no added value

There is no sustainable way to get something for nothing. Trying to promote products or services as your only communication with your customers will most probably prove unsuccessful. Best sale practices include offering your customers an added value, like relevant and helpful information.

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