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Why Upgrade?

Upgrading to the latest version of Adobe Commerce/Magento can deliver substantial value to your online business. Some of the most common benefits include:

  • Improved site speed
  • Integration compatability
  • SEO enhancements
  • Improved Accessibility
  • The latest security patches
  • Better user experience


The Right Team for Your Magento Upgrade

eCommerce upgrades are inherently complex. There are numerous challenges that only an experienced team can overcome. As you consider your options, we encourage you to follow these three rules for upgrade success:

  • Choose the right team
    IronPlane has been developing and upgrading sites on the Magento platform since 2011. Our team of expert developers are dedicated to the Magento platform and focus every upgrade on long-term value for each client.
  • No shortcuts
    It's tempting to choose the least expensive upgrade approach, but low-cost development usually means higher long-term risk. In fact, we use the term "Magento Rescue" for companies whose sites we've taken over because their code has failed in one way or another due to such shortcuts.
  • Business drives development
    We work closely with our clients to understand their business needs and to plan a Magento upgrade to help achieve their goals. Rather than technology trends, vendor suggestions, or developer dreams, we strive for clear business goals and a laser focus on delivering an eCommerce site that converts where it matters most.

IronPlane's Upgrade Process

We work with a phased approach to ensure clarity of effort, timing, and cost at every stage. As a result, at the end of our upgrading process, you'll have a stable, secure, and functionally robust store you can scale for years to come. Below are the steps for a typical Magento upgrade project.

01 STEP 1


All Magento upgrade projects start with a discovery phase that allows us to better understand your existing technical infrastructure, your immediate business goals, and your future plans.
02 STEP 2

Project scoping and estimation

Informed by our code review and discovery, we estimate the level of effort, timing, and overall costs for the upgrade.
03 STEP 3

Base site preparation and data upgrade

Our upgrades follow a defined structure for the base implementation and data upgrades. Additional research is conducted as needed in preparation for the next phase.
04 STEP 4

Development, staging, and QA

Custom design and development are implemented in this phase, followed by a push to the staging, environment, and QA testing.
05 STEP 5

Launch to live

Once we've passed through successful testing, we push to the live environment with minimal downtime and a final round of user testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already upgraded to Magento 2. Do I still need to upgrade to the latest version?

Adobe is regularly updating the Adobe Commerce/Magento platform. In order to take advantage of the latest functionality, efficiency, and security, you should plan an upgrade to the latest version.

Many companies ask us... what will happen if I don't upgrade? It all comes down to a matter of risk tolerance. For example, it is clear given historical acts of hackers, the older your site, the more exposed you are to security breaches. The longer you wait, the more your risk increases.

Will my site be down while I upgrade?

Your Magento upgrade takes place while your existing site continues to run. Our team uses a dedicated environment for development and testing. Once the new site is fully-tested and ready to go live, we turn on the new site, redirect the URL and put up a temporary message while DNS updates around the world. This provides for a seamless upgrade with minimal downtime.

What are potential Magento upgrade issues?

A Magento upgrade is a complex process with many moving parts. In our experience, upgrade issues are most commonly the result of custom code, integrations, or 3rd party modules. Our team is familiar with these common issues of the Magento upgrade process and can diagnose and resolve them efficiently.

Do I need to change my hosting company if I upgrade?

A Magento upgrade does not require a host change. However, in order to get the most out of your recently upgraded Magento website, you'll want to be certain your hosting architecture is optimized for your needs. IronPlane offers Magento-optimized, managed hosting for our clients. In addition, our Magento hosting solution offers sophisticated performance and security monitoring as well as auto-scaling for planned and unplanned traffic spikes.