Magento Migration

What is Colibri?

IronPlane’s Colibri foundation for Magento is the result of more than 10 years designing and developing Magento eCommerce environments for our clients. Colibri is the Spanish word for hummingbird, chosen by our developers for the lightweight code profile and speedy performance of the foundation. With Colibri, we’ve created an efficient design and development foundation optimizing essential functionality while reducing total cost of ownership.


Built for Speed and Utility

Colibri is an open-source foundation made up of three key elements:

    • Core Magento codebase
      We actively maintain the open-source Colibri foundation on the latest stable release of the Magento platform.

    • Alpaca open-source Magento theme
      The Alpaca theme is based on Magento’s SASS-based blank theme, and is enhanced with our latest UX design to offer superior usability, responsiveness, and conversion rate optimization.

  • Curated 3rd party modules
    The Colibri foundation includes a curated selection of extensions that have proven their utility and reliability over many implementations.


Colibri Advantages

A substantial benefit of the Colibri foundation is the reduced time, labor, and cost of implementing the regularly scheduled Magento updates and security patches. The Colibri foundation improves future coding efficiency, estimate predictability, and speed to production. These efficiencies result in between 40% - 70% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for a Magento site using Colibri as opposed to an “off-the-shelf” theme.

Additional advantages of the Colibri foundation include:

  • Modules are based on open-source components which are easy to customize.

  • The Alpaca theme provides a thoroughly tested, user-friendly experience and a responsive design.

  • Colibri development uses component-based architecture and Magento protocols for stable and scalable code, which reduces extension conflicts and compatibility issues.

  • Alpaca uses the Ruby-based SASS CSS processor for greater coding efficiency.

  • The Alpaca theme is ADA / WCAG compliant out of the box.


Is Colibri enough?

Colibri offers a complete suite of essential eCommerce functionality and design elements for both Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce powered by Magento. This foundation allows you to build and operate an online store in as little as four weeks.

The base Colibri implementation is fully operational out of the box and offers a strong foundation for ongoing customization and business growth. The skilled developers on our team are intimately familiar with the Colibri foundation and, as a result, are highly efficient in both custom development projects and ongoing support.

We adapt our Magento Migration solutions to your business needs.