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Why should you move to Magento 2?

If you have been using Magento 1, chances are you have developed mixed feelings about it. Don’t get me wrong. Magento 1 is a fantastic tool, but it needed an update.
One of the key features of Magento 1, and also one of the reasons it has been so popular, is the fact that it was designed as a flexible platform – one where users could build their stores using pre-made extensions or, if these did not fit their needs, build their own using Magento’s coding chops.
However, it had its drawbacks and one of them was that it was not so user-friendly. It lacked certain administrator capabilities, and there were important tools missing when first installed. The user had to search for third-party extensions to make it mobile-friendly, for example. Of course, all those features were available, just not right out of the box. For someone who is looking for solutions, that was not the way to go.
Another drawback was its not-up-to-par performance right out of the box. Even when running on fast computers, Magento 1 was deemed slower than its competitors.
Finally, the most important reason to consider migrating is the fact that Magento will no longer provide support for this version and, with no further development of security patches, it will become vulnerable to hacks and cyber-attacks. So, failing to migrate from Magento 1 would put both your own site and your customers at risk.

So, why migrate to Magento 2?

Fast and simple: because Magento 2 is, in many ways, faster and more reliable than Magento 1. Let me explain further.
From the administrator’s perspective, among other things, Magento 2 has a more friendly and intuitive interface, customers are deployed in their individual—and isolated—server environments, and it features out-of-the-box tools that enable you to develop and deploy your store to Magento’s cloud infrastructure.
From the customer experience point of view, it is easier to create—and manage—site content, it allows the creation of better mobile designs, it can handle a larger number of SKUs and orders, it has better search and SEO features, pages load up to 50 percent faster, and more.
Magento 2 can also handle the needs of B2B eCommerce. It is important to note that today, more than 90 percent of business buyers prefer to do it online, so your online presence needs to be on par with their expectations.
With Magento 2, you will be able to optimize your customers’ mobile experience, assign custom catalogs to customers, target promotions to specific customer segments, and much more.
So don’t wait anymore. If you need help planning your move to Magento 2, IronPlane can help you make it smoothly and easily. Contact us to learn more!


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