Difference Between a Magento Theme and a PWA Storefront

Magento themes include almost everything you need to craft an engaging eCommerce storefront, but progressive web apps (PWAs) are also becoming increasingly useful. The term “progressive web app” can refer to a wide variety of web design tools, but these apps are usually responsive, multi-platform, and installable to your mobile home screen. The Magento 2 platform is one of the world’s most advanced eCommerce solutions, but your store can only reach its full potential with progressive web apps.

Reasons to have a Magento 2 store

Magento 2 offers impressive improvements over Magento 1 in speed, efficiency, security, and scalability, among others. Most notable is the new user interface (UI) that makes integrating PWAs much easier. In addition to reducing the use of Javascript and bulky CSS, Magento 2 embraces the latest developments in PWAs and other next-generation eCommerce tools.

Ultimately, Magento PWAs make it easier for customers to discover, engage, and remain loyal to brands over the long term. By incorporating PWAs into your eCommerce design package, you can prepare your brand’s site for the state of the online economy five years from now.

Magento themes vs. PWA storefronts

Your Magento theme generally stays within your customer’s browser. Push notifications, home screen apps, and other integrated services are not possible. By combining your Magento storefront with PWAs, however, you can keep your brand fresh in your target audience’s mind with significantly reduced investment.

PWAs behave similarly to native apps, but they are web-based and, therefore, much more efficient and responsive. The latest developments in Magento PWAs improve storefronts by incorporating contemporary coding language and shedding inefficient modalities.

Why should you apply PWAs in Magento?

eCommerce experts universally agree that PWAs are the future of online sales. Instead of requiring native apps that work cross-platform, PWAs allow brands to innovate responsive, comprehensive customer experiences that have a higher retention rate. Brands that integrate with Magento without also incorporating PWAs risk being overtaken by competitors who have embraced this more adaptive method of engaging customers.

Magento 2 offers many improvements over Magento 1, but there’s only so much they can accomplish on their own. PWA storefronts make Magento more adaptive, engaging, and accessible to consumers using mobile devices. Beyond the direct benefits, integrating PWAs also shows consumers and tech-savvy competitors that you’re up-to-date with the latest trends in eCommerce web design.

Why IronPlane?

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