Adobe Commerce Cloud Unveiled at Adobe Summit

Adobe Commerce Cloud

In an earlier blog article, we announced that IronPlane’s Kuba Zwolinski would be attending the Adobe Summit this week.  Kuba was invited as an on-the-ground correspondent and influencer for the event.  He’s been sharing lots of what is happening at the Summit on his Twitter feed, and we have enjoyed following along.  One of the biggest pieces of news (so far!) is the unveiling of the Adobe Commerce Cloud.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that digital commerce is the preferred channel for businesses.  Across all industries, business owners are finding a growing need to reach clients online.  The challenge is being able to give customers a personal shopping experience in a rapidly changing world.  Therefore, it’s important to find ways to optimize the customer journey.  Applying real-time insights from each step of the purchase process is key.  This allows companies to operate their businesses based on how their customers have evolved and how they can best continue to meet their needs.

Adobe Commerce Cloud is a surefire solution to keeping up with the complex process of knowing your online customers.  Built on Magento Commerce, it integrates deeply with Analytics Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Advertising Cloud.  As a result, it provides a highly customizable end-to-end platform to personalize, manage, and optimize the eCommerce experience across every touchpoint.  Here are a few of the perks as listed on the Magento blog:

Adobe Commerce Cloud Features

  • A Fully Managed Cloud Service:  Offered as an Adobe Managed Service, Adobe Commerce Cloud puts agility, performance, and security at the forefront to help brands improve time to market and streamline operations to exceed customer and business expectations.  The enterprise deployment service integrates broad team expertise to provide a comprehensive deployment and operations approach to ensure customer success.
  • Analytics Foundation with Commerce Dashboards:  Commerce Dashboards monitor business health to improve marketing, merchandising, and experience delivery.  Integrated Artificial Intelligence monitors business health and can predict and optimize experiences, process efficiencies, and business outcomes.
  • Create Superior Omnichannel Experiences:  With enhanced integrations with Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Commerce Cloud dynamically adapts content and structure based on customer context.  The updated integration pattern leverages unified API, data model, components, and store model.
  • Optimize Commerce Process on Amazon:  Adobe Commerce Cloud seamlessly integrates with Amazon’s marketplace to help brands automatically synchronize product catalog, inventory, and order information across channels.  All orders from Amazon can be managed directly from within the Commerce Cloud.  Brands can also build customer profiles based on sales.
  • Unparalleled Agility and Flexibility:  Supported by advanced APIs, microservices, and enterprise system integrations, Adobe Commerce Cloud integrates with existing ecosystems.  It also supports headless deployment models.

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