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6 Reasons Magento is the Better Choice for eCommerce

Worldwide eCommerce sales skyrocketed to $4.2 trillion last year, and Adobe reports that global eCommerce sales hit $876 billion in the first three months of 2021, which accounts for an increase of 38% YoY. While this tremendous growth is a promising sign for eCommerce retailers, it comes with significant challenges. Not only do eCommerce platforms need to handle an impending surge in visitors, but they must also anticipate and exceed customer expectations around content creation, mobile-friendliness, omnichannel availability, and sleek design. 

Although no single eCommerce platform can do it all, we believe Adobe Commerce powered by Magento is one of the best eCommerce options for mid-market and enterprise-level businesses. Magento is a four-year leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant and has been named the number one provider to the B2B 300, the Internet Retailer Top 1000, and the Top 500 Guides for Europe and Latin America. Beyond these accolades, Magento has a highly active global developer community and a vast global network of solution and technology partners. Below, we outline six of the most compelling reasons why Magento development should be on your radar.

Top 6 Features of Magento Development for eCommerce

Companies choose Magento for a variety of reasons, but let’s explore just six of Magento’s best features, explaining how Magento development can drive growth, traffic, and revenue for your business. 

1. Mobile Commerce and Responsive Design

Mobile devices are changing the game for eCommerce companies. According to Google, 92% of consumers who search for products on their smartphones make a related purchase. This trend is so strong that Business Insider predicts that the mobile commerce market will hit $488.0 billion by 2024. This presents a unique opportunity for eCommerce companies - provide a seamless mobile experience and then capitalize on the increase in site traffic. Simple, right?

Magento, on the other hand, was built with mobile optimization in mind. Its responsive web pages, user-friendly shopping cart, and quick checkout features are specifically designed for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Moreover, Magento development presents related accessories, products, and help articles to enhance the mobile user experience and sales potential. An effortless browsing and buying experience keep consumers on your site longer, improving the chances they’ll find something they like and, ultimately, make a purchase.

Overall, your site must be mobile-first, with responsive web pages, intuitive shopping cart functionality, and smooth checkout experiences.

2. Multichannel Commerce and Marketplaces

Consumers like to have choices when they buy. They want the option to shop in-store, via social channels, through retail partnerships, with their Amazon account, or on eCommerce websites. Some companies might assume that directing customers exclusively to one of these channels will increase the probability of conversion, but that would be a mistake. Limiting consumer options only decreases the likelihood they will stick with your brand in the long term. 

So, how do you increase customer lifetime value while avoiding inventory management and fulfillment challenges? Look for an eCommerce platform that integrates with various sales channels so you can extend your reach to more prospects. Magento can connect to other marketplaces where you have an existing presence and manage them holistically within a single administrative interface. Expanding to just one more marketplace can dramatically increase your total addressable market. For instance, the Amazon marketplace sells over 353 million products and reaches over 213 million unique users in the US alone. Besides Amazon, Magento development supports integrations with Alibaba, eBay, Etsy, Rakuten, and Souq. 

Moreover, Magento has a booming marketplace of extensions that allows you to integrate with a multitude of payment, shipment, accounting, and customer support software. By supporting multiple marketplaces, you can meet customers where they are and take advantage of multichannel buying power. Experienced Magento developers can build customizations for a wide range of marketplaces and create multichannel experiences to bring you more customers and more revenue. 

3. Multi-Store Support

More and more businesses are opening up multiple storefronts in different locations to keep up with customer demand. While these brands are often under the same company umbrella, most of these sites are managed separately. Monitoring each of those domains, refreshing content, and driving traffic is hard enough, let alone administering each eCommerce store. Worse, users have trouble syncing data between platforms, restricting them to the most basic analytics and rudimentary forecasting. Your eCommerce platform should enable you to manage all of your stores under one roof.

Magento simplifies the task of overseeing each sub-business by unifying all of your sites under one admin console. Once this configuration is complete, Magento development makes it easy to add and edit new storefronts. Plus, Magento makes it possible to enable dynamic search, with auto-suggested terms and filterable tags that make for an unparalleled user experience across all of your stores. Not only does this reduce administrative overhead and increase customer engagement, but it also gives you a comprehensive view of your business, pinpointing areas for opportunity and optimization. Uniting all of your storefronts with Magento permits your business to grow as fast as the market necessitates.

4. Highly Customizable Platform

First impressions are everything. Buyers aren’t going to trust eCommerce sites that aren’t attractive or enticing. But the reality is that most content management and eCommerce platforms don’t make for a very exciting or captivating experience. Your eCommerce website should be an extension of your brand, projecting confidence in your products and the way you do business. 

You need an eCommerce platform that has the potential for bespoke design and functionality to match your branding. Magento is unique in that it can be fully customizable with the help of a development agency. With the right expertise, developers can create a distinct look and feel across your product, shopping cart, and checkout pages to make your site stand out from the crowd. For something truly one-of-a-kind, hire consultants who are experienced with Magento development.

5. Magento Segmentation

In addition, Magento offers segmentation, meaning you can target specific groups of people based on their past buying behavior, actions on the site, and items added to their shopping cart. With this data, you can design intelligent email campaigns with blog posts and informational content pertaining to customers’ previous buying behavior and predicted interests. Plus, Magento allows you to offer discounts, either onsite or via email, that are relevant to the products customers have clicked on, purchased, or added to their carts.

What's more, you can configure your Magento instance to display product recommendations and upsell promotions on both product and checkout pages. Since you can tailor these coupons to different groups of individuals and their patterns of behavior, customers will be much more likely to pull the trigger. These highly personalized content marketing strategies drive more website traffic and encourage conversions, particularly when paired with Magento’s one-page checkout.

6. Rapid Content Creation

Have you ever bought an expensive product without researching it online first? In today’s world, the likely answer is no. Eighty-one percent of consumers conduct online research before purchasing. They read reviews, blog posts, and browse product catalogs to make sure they’re getting the best bang for their buck. 

The key to grabbing a customer’s attention is appearing at the top of search engine results. And how do you do that? With excellent, SEO-driven content. A robust eCommerce platform should allow you to create new content quickly and easily, without code, and present that content to the right audience. Magento’s Page Builder, which is only available with Magento Commerce, makes this especially simple. Page Builder enables you to produce and preview SEO-efficient pages with no-code development, preventing your content from becoming stale or out of date. 

Magento also automatically generates SEO-friendly URLs for each of your web pages and prompts you to update product descriptions and meta descriptions that will systematically move your pages up in search. What is more, Magento is built for accessibility. Being able to view your site on any device lands your content even higher in Bing, Google, and other search engine results. IronPlane specializes in getting your company discovered leveraging Magento’s SEO capabilities. Their experienced SEO team has developed innovative, tactical strategies to help many companies grow their organic ranking, increase their visibility, and attract more relevant, paying customers.

Boost Your Digital Growth with Magento

You can’t attract loyal customers with a bland, non-responsive eCommerce website. Consumers want to educate themselves on what you offer, from all of your associated brands, on any device, and they want a visually appealing site to boot. They want to read other customers’ reviews, browse product suggestions, and buy relevant accessories. Luckily, there is one eCommerce platform that stands out above all others.

Magento is known for its mobile commerce capabilities, multi-channel, and multi-store all within a highly customizable framework allowing for captivating designs and unique functionality. Its out-of-the-box features make Magento ideal for companies who want to introduce new SKUs, expand into international markets, and save money on streamlined operations. Magento increases sales potential with upselling and cross-selling strategies as well as personalized promotions. If any of these factors are essential to your eCommerce business, it’s worth considering the Magento platform.

IronPlane is a Magento Support Agency that specializes in crafting globally recognized eCommerce sites. IronPlane’s website development services provide you a trusted partner for optimizing your eCommerce store to increase conversions and boost sales. Whether you’re starting a new site, migrating, or improving your business, IronPlane helps you select the best development strategy to allow you more time to focus on business rather than the technology.

Are you ready to jump-start your digital growth and boost eCommerce revenue? IronPlane offers eCommerce digital marketing and social media marketing to help clients increase brand awareness, website traffic, and online sales. Click here to schedule a free consultation today.

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