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5 Reasons Why Magento 2 is Better Than Magento 1

There are  a number of reasons why Magento 2 is better than Magento 1 and why you should consider upgrading. The most obvious reason is that a new version is usually an improved edition of the previous one. More importantly, however, Magento 1 will soon be no longer supported, which means no more security updates and no more extensions developed – in short, more vulnerability to malware and hacks. But the following 5 additional reasons are also very convincing.

1. Enhanced performance

Magento 2 is faster and more efficient than Magento 1. With full-page caching, pages load much faster. And the capacity to handle more transactions in a given period of time allows 50 times as many page views — that’s 10 million page views per hour, as opposed to Magento 1’s 200,000.

Also, re-indexing and processing of queries are faster due to Magento 2’s use of the MySQL 5.6 database system. So, inventory, URLs, and other product data are updated as soon as catalogs are updated. Re-indexing is much more efficient, so it will not affect the performance of your online store.

2. Mobile and search-engine friendly

There are over 4 billion Internet users today., More than 80 percent of them are navigating directly from their smartphones (nearly 60 percent of whom carried out at least one purchase transaction online in the last two quarters alone). Therefore, a mobile-friendly interface is a must and Magento 2 addresses this need effectively.

Its enhanced Ajax-based add-to-cart eliminates the need to reload pages and the simplified checkout process makes it easier for customers to complete their transactions with fewer steps (two as opposed to six in Magento 1). Your customers can access and complete a transaction as guests and a simplified registration process now appears as an option upon checkout. Registered customers are automatically identified based on their email.

Magento 2’s interface and frontend design make it a breeze to navigate on all devices, an important improvement now that Google’s algorithms have been favoring mobile-friendly sites in their ranking strategy.

3. Improved scalability

With Magento 1, adding new extensions has proven to be just short of a headache, even for professional developers. With Magento 2, however, this process has been greatly simplified, and it’s now a lot easier to add modules and extensions without the risk of conflict. Adding products to a catalog has never been faster. Magento 2 is designed to grow together with your business.

4. Possibility of teamwork

Magento 2 now incorporates new safeguards that allow multiple administrators to access the store simultaneously, which translates into the possibility of efficient teamwork to keep your product line always up to date.

5. Ease of use

Even unexperienced users will find Magento 2’s admin interface easier to navigate and their stores easier to manage. The Dashboard in the new system provides a place where the most important information may be found. It even displays financial data, so you can check out the overall status of your business with a click.

There are many more advantages you can benefit from if you migrate to Magento 2. Please give us a call and our experts at Iron Plane, your trusted full-service Magento eCommerce agency, will be happy to tell you about them.

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