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BigCommerce Migration Made Easy

BigCommerce Migration Made Easy

We selected BigCommerce as a solution partner to meet the needs of our clients who want a migration option that’s easier to manage and costs less to implement than other enterprise-scale platforms like Magento.

Older eCommerce platforms can be costly to maintain, lack the latest security, marketing, and functional developments. Don’t let your old eCommerce platform hold you back! Contact IronPlane today to discuss our rapid migration services for BigCommerce.

Hitting the Digital Sweet Spot

Hitting the Digital Sweet Spot

BigCommerce offers a sweet spot in the eCommerce world offering ease of use and deep customization where it counts. As with other SaaS platforms, BigCommerce offers designs based on templates for the greatest ease of implementation. Even so, compared to other similar platforms, we have found BigCommerce to offer greater flexibility for those who demand custom design and checkout processes.

While BigCommerce developers and partners have already built integrations with a variety of best-of-breed technologies, their open API allows for further integration with the business systems you depend on.

BigCommerce Solutions

  • Customize both themes and checkout.
  • Increase the size of your catalogs anytime.
  • Improve commerce experience so customers return.
  • Preview your changes before publishing.
  • Create customer segments.
  • Easily create user-friendly store with responsive design.
  • Migrate from an older, less effective solution.
  • Make your site future-proof.
  • Learn to measure your site’s performance effectively.
  • Integrate popular plugins, apps, and ERPs.
  • Easy-to-use eCommerce website builder.
Trust IronPlane with Your eCommerce Development Services 

Trust IronPlane with
Your eCommerce
Development Services 

As a BigCommerce Official Partner, Ironplane’s certified BigCommerce developers and UX specialists will give you the turn-key solution to launch a stable, secure, and improved store before you know it. Since 2012, IronPlane has been crafting globally recognized eCommerce solutions by investing in the right technologies to maximize returns for our clients.

Don't Lose the eCommerce Race!

Don't Lose the eCommerce Race!

Starting a store or improving an existing one through migration from an older, less effective platform will never be as simple as picking up your phone or writing us an email message. You will get everything you need in the same place with the best support ever.

Call or email us to begin reaping the benefits of one of the most outstanding alliances in the eCommerce business you’ll ever find.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does BigCommerce cost?

BigCommerce has pricing suitable for various size enterprise businesses and eCommerce stores, ranging from the Standard Plan to the customizable Enterprise Plan. A BigCommerce development agency like IronPlane can help you determine the best fit for your company based on your sales revenue and business goals, and provide great support throughout the development process and beyond.

Is BigCommerce better than Shopify?

The BigCommerce platform includes features that can alleviate some of the common issues experienced by Shopify users.  An online store built on the BigCommerce platform allows you to edit orders easily, accurately maintain inventory, and manage complex products. 

Out of the box, BigCommerce offers a wide variety of solutions for the management of your business, which significantly reduces the need for additional applications, which can reduce monthly costs and the overall TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of your website.

Additionally, the platform has a variety of templates, which can be customized by experienced BigCommerce developers to capture the overall essence of your brand, showcase your products, and delight your customers.  

BigCommerce offers many features natively, while Shopify requires an app to install each additional feature, which significantly adds to the cost of the Shopify platform. When it comes to flexibility and design, the BigCommerce platform has over 3,600 high-quality, vetted extensions available to quickly expand store capabilities. With Shopify, you are limited with a standard set of templates and 3rd party integrations.

BigCommerce is also the first eCommerce platform to natively offer AMP-enabled (Accelerated Mobile Pages) product and category pages, which increases speed and functionality.

What is BigCommerce used for?

BigCommerce is an eCommerce solution catering to businesses and online stores of all sizes.  It’s a software as a service (SaaS) product that allows BigCommerce developers to set up online stores to sell products and services across industries.

BigCommerce comes with a variety of features, customizable templates, and integrations, which offer a wide range of design options to showcase your unique brand and optimize your eCommerce digital marketing campaigns. All major components needed to efficiently run online stores are offered natively right from the BigCommerce dashboard, allowing for top-notch functionality of your new site.

Who uses BigCommerce?

BigCommerce development is available through flexible plans that cater to businesses and online stores in a wide range of sizes and industries. The most typical companies using BigCommerce are found in the United States in the retail industry.  BigCommerce users have an average revenue of 1M-10M dollars. However, this range varies widely and a BigCommerce developer can help you find out if BigCommerce is a good fit for your business. Some recognizable brands using BigCommerce are SkullCandy, Camelback, Clarks, and Ben & Jerry’s.