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“We are not a cookie-cutter business and while we appreciate the idea of a simpler, template-driven eCommerce platform, we found Magento offered us the greatest customizability to meet our particular needs.”

Tim Bucciarelli/ Formaggio Kitchen



Formaggio Kitchen was using a Magento 1 website built for them in 2012, but they realized it wasn’t meeting their needs. The biggest issue was that the site wasn’t mobile friendly. With 50% of their traffic being mobile generated, this was clearly a major issue. Additional issues were outdated design and high maintenance costs.


IronPlane supplied Formaggio Kitchen with a custom-built Magento 2 eCommerce solution designed with the company’s distinctive needs in mind.

  • Perform design and UX analysis.
  • Review site operations.
  • Streamline requirements during migration to Magento 2 to make managing the site easier and more cost effective.
  • Leverage our Colibri mobile-optimized and ADA-compliant theme.
  • Customize theme to reflect brand on a mobile-optimized base.
  • Streamline extensions and functions to make it easier and more cost effective to manage site.
  • Deployed custom tailored AWS Magento hosting solution to ensure security, stability and scalability.


Check IronPlane custom-built a Magento 2 eCommerce solution designed with today’s standards and the company’s distinctive needs in mind.
Check Formaggio Kitchen now has an ongoing support plan tailored to their needs at a reasonable cost.
Check Now optimized for mobile visitors, the new site is as sleek and appealing on smartphones as it is on desktops.
Check Mobile shoppers can now easily learn about the company, find local stores, and browse products online.
Check Quick and intuitive online purchasing via mobile devices is now facilitated.
Check The entire eCommerce experience is now designed to promote growth, increase conversions, and drive sales.
Check Shortly after launch, Formaggio Kitchen saw increases in conversion rate, average order value, and revenue.


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